Baby Massage Course – St Mary&St John The Divine Balham – Six Week Course – Monday 25 April – Monday 6 June (No class on Monday 2 May due to Bank Holiday) – 1030 -1130

Posted on March 4th, 2022

Thank you for your booking! ‘Baby Grace’ and I are so looking forward to meeting you and baby.

This is a lovely six week course for you and baby to enjoy with each session lasting one hour.

In addition to Baby Massage I also do a section on winding your baby and will also show you some great techniques to help manage ‘witching hours’, periods of crying/fussiness when it’s hard to find out what the root cause. The ‘Winding Section’ is a great help for any parent out there struggling with Colic/Reflux/ Wind etc. This course is a great ‘all rounder’ and the practical tips in addition to the massage techniques helps to build confidence when it comes to handling your baby no matter what the day brings!.

All you need to bring is something to massage your baby with (a cream or oil) you are currently using is perfect. There is no need to buy anything new.

Course dates are Monday 25 April – Monday 6 June. There will be no class on Monday 2 May as it is a bank holiday.

The address for the course is St Mary and St John the Divine Church Balham, The Music Room, Balham High Road SW12 9BS

What Do I need to bring to each session?

You will need  a nice soft blanket to lie baby on, some oil/cream to massage with.

Hand Sanitiser will be provided.

I can supply mats for you to sit on but if you prefer please do bring your own.

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