It is always great to hear positive feedback and my courses have had plenty! Please see some of our best testimonials to date!

‘We were recommended Sandra by a friend having complained about our sleep deprivation thanks to our very active 10 month old son. Both my wife and I work and were struggling with constant night time wakings and a baby who had got into some bad habits. Having now benefitted from a couple of months of Sandra’s help and advice, we have a baby who doesn’t wake up in the night and is a much more settled and comfortable sleeper and as a result we have a much happier household! Sandra is a very calming influence and instantly bonded with the children. She advised us on what we should and shouldn’t be doing in a completely non-judgemental and supportive way. It’s been hugely helpful to have someone who understands our situation and has years of experience in this field, highly recommended to anyone with baby sleep issues!’ David & Sarah Creed and Baby Theodore

‘Sandra’s is an excellent listener who’s holistic approach has had a real impact upon our lives. She clearly identified our baby’s sleep issues and provided lots of support and encouragement thus empowering me to take control of our situation. We have gone from our 5 month old son waking every 90 mins and needing to be fed up to 5 times a night to now sleeping soundly and waking once in the night- a massive improvement for all concerned! We have come such a long way with her ongoing help as she has stayed in contact and showed a genuine interest. Thank you Sandra’ – Victoria Nichol and Baby Josiah¬†

“Hi Sandra, just wanted to drop you a quick note following our massage session; the burping techniques you added to my repertoire(!) are working a treat and he still seems to really enjoy the colic routine massage.
I think that by doing the massage and being able to get his wind up more easily now, we seem to have reached deeper into his system so we’re getting less frequent, but more substantial dirty nappies (which is a good
thing) and he sleeps deeper and longer. He was unsettled for the first couple of days but definitely more comfortable now, so thank you very much”! Alicia Stewart and Baby Lachlan

The Plough 2

“Sandra is a total genius as well as one of the loveliest people you could meet. Her excellent baby massage course equips any new mum with everything they need to wind, settle and bond with their baby, as well as great advice on sleep and feeding thrown in for free! It’s also a lovely way to meet other local mums. Can’t recommend this course highly enough”! Amy Reyniers and Baby Rafferty

Rafferty and Willow

“Our little 5 month old seemed to have issues with sleep from the very start, so I decided we simply had a bad sleeper. Totally exhausted, in tears every night and nearly at breaking point, I thank my lucky stars I met Sandra! Looking at our issues, her detailed sleep plan, help and guidance literally changed our baby and therefore our lives overnight! I was convinced nobody could help us and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes i wouldn’t have believed it. Our family will be forever grateful to Sandra for working such a miracle, she is our saviour”.
Cat Armstrong and Baby Faye

“Sandra is the queen of baby winding techniques! Her baby massage classes were the best thing that happened to me when my colicky baby was six weeks old. Until then, the witching hour at my house lasted from 4 pm until 11 pm every day which meant that I couldn’t put my baby down or stand still with him (unless he was feeding). Sandra showed me how to wind my baby thoroughly and calm him down using massage every evening before his bath. This daily ritual became the highlight of my day during my baby’s first few months. He smiled and gurgled and cooed and obviously loved it too. Then he slept, and I finally got my evenings back to myself. Thank you Sandra!” Anne Hughes and Baby Henry

“My baby Tom will really miss Sandra’s massage/yoga workshop – he was so happy in her calm vibes! Her variety of baby sleep tips have been invaluable in establishing a relaxing routine for us both and I would definitely recommend this course.” Polly Anne Duncan and Baby Tom

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“A huge thank you to Sandra for all her invaluable advice and support on sleep training my resilient little man! I have a strong-willed little boy who fight sleep times, and after trying out sleeping techniques on my own and failing miserably I decided to approach Sandra for help. The sleep training schedule she put together for me was structured, tailored but flexible. I particularly liked the ‘shush and pat’ method which has worked very well to get my little boy to sleep. Sleep times now are definitely less painful.Thank you so much Sandra once again!”
Oni Foo and Baby Alexander

“Thank you, thank you Sandra!!
The baby sleep workshop was great and your follow up support afterwards has been invaluable. I can’t recommend your course enough. My little man has made huge progress with his sleeping at night and day time naps, which before were non existent before hand. I also feel much more confident and in control. And all of this progress in a week!!”
Ria Broad and Baby Angus

“I’d just like to thank Sandra for all the fantastic advice she has given me. I have a very active 6 month old baby who is non stop! He also suffers with reflux. Sandra put my mind at rest that I was doing all the right things but gave me some invaluable tips to make his routine and sleeping better. It was lovely to speak to someone who was sympathetic to my individual needs whilst being reassuring at the same time. My little boy, despite his reflux and teething pains is now not fighting his naps and is sleeping 11/12 hours a night. I can highly recommend Sandra” Caroline Davis and Baby Archie

hand massage

“Thank you Sandra for the amazing baby massage course. Thank you also for the superb tips on helping me understand sleep signs and winding tips. Course is a must for new mums… Thank you from baby Charlotte too” Rachel Mumby and Baby Charlotte

“Hi Sandra,
I just wanted to let you know how much Caitlin and I thoroughly enjoyed your baby massage course. We found the techniques really useful and easy to apply when at home. You are a wonderful teacher and made the atmosphere so comfortable (even when our babies were not behaving themselves:-). I looked forward to your classes each week. The handouts you gave are also great to help remember all you taught us and I would absolutely recommend your classes to my friends. Many thanks for everything”. Barbara Halls and Baby Caitlin

Oh and Daniel

“Thank you so much Sandra for an absolutely fantastic baby massage course. We have learnt so much, not only baby massage, which Thilde absolutely loves, but also winding techniques and a lot of other useful parenting tips. I am recommending this course to all of my friends. If we were not in Australia, we would definitely book in for another course. Love Pernilla & Thilde” xx

“Thank you so much for all the invaluable advice and support since I started the baby massage course with Leo. Not only have you taught me some great massage and yoga techniques, but in addition the tips and suggestions you have given me to help with Leo’s sleep are already making a huge difference: Leo slept through the night for the first time last week which was a huge milestone. I have no doubt it’s thanks to you. see you soon. Victoria Mellor (and baby Leo). x

Plough pic

“Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me over the past week I had no idea such small changes to my daughters routine would have such a positive affect and so quickly! My 9 month old daughter is now taking two naps a day and sleeping 12 hours a night and she is teething!

Your confidence, expertise and most of all your gently approach was greatly appreciated, cry it out for me as a parent was not an option. Our daily communication ensured I stayed on track as well as keeping a daily log so I could monitor the changes and ask questions. I will be highly recommending you to a few mummy’s I know and will not hesitate to reach out to you in the future with any baby related problems.” Christine Robertshaw and Baby Alice

“Thank you Sandra for a fantastic sleep workshop last week. By putting in place a bedtime routine and dream feed, my eight-week-old Edward is now sleeping from 7-7 (or thereabouts) with just one night waking. He is also learning to self-settle which is great” Andrea Coville and Baby Edward